Did Bob Costas Have Plastic Surgery?

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Did Bob Costas Have Plastic Surgery?

Bob Costas Before After

Rumors about Bob Costas plastic surgery is developing. As time went by, people will face the aging problem. Aging will cause the appearing of wrinkles, lines, and sagging everywhere. Unfortunately celebrity as the public attention should be the example of goodness. So, they are not allowed to show their bad sides in front of camera.

I think this is the best reason to explain why Bob Costas still looks so young. It seems he has done some surgeries or at least some intensive facial treatments.

What kind of plastic surgery done by Bob Costas?

At a glance he looks like did a kind of face lift procedure. Botox injections also will support her younger looking appearance. But, wait! He is not that young actually. From her before and after photos, it can be seen that his face skin is not that tight as a drum like what usually people have after face lift process. It is good, isn’t it? He just needs to change his face become shinier so he can look 10 year younger than his real age.

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Pic Did Bob Costas Have Plastic Surgery?

Bob Costas 60 years old

So, what do you think? Is it the result of plastic surgery or just a good facial treatment?

Bob Costac was born as Robert Bob Costas on March 22, 1952. Since early 1980s he has started working in NBC Sports television as sportscaster and talk show host. He has had long time career in entertainment therefore he understands that his appearance is very important. From his before and after photos, it can be seen that now he has a shiny face. It looks like shinier than the before photo.

Natural treatment will not be able to change your appearance becomes 10 years younger. I believe that it must be the result of subtle plastic surgery or the right use of Botox injections.

Yes, Botox and other filler don’t always makes your skin becomes so tight like a drum. Right dose and injections will make your face looks younger and soft, without any wrinkles.

Beside Botox injections and filler, it seems that he underwent hair implant. He looks good, doesn’t he?

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