Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery Rumors

Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery Rumors

Haifa Wehbe could be stated as the sexiest celebrity in the Middle East, but recently after her pictures before famous spreading on the internet, this sexy Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe rumored plastic surgery for beauty transformation. You must be understood when seeing this woman who was born March 10, 1976 in Mahrouna, a small Shia farming town in Lebanon that she has blessed a good genes of typically Middle East beauty.

Her eyes so wide with very sharp nose and cheekbone that well shaped. But again Haifa Whebe whose her debut album Houwa El-Zaman gain so much controversy in Lebanon, feel unsatisfied and not enough with her beauty. It can be seen when she is still runner up in Miss Lebanon, she looks different and changing a lot with her recent appearance as Lebanese sexy singer with provocative action stage.

Haifa Wehbe is controversial, her sexy figure that was combined with provocative and attractive action stage gaining controversy yet also many appreciation here. That why recently when the rumor that she has undergone plastic surgery widespread, seems that wasn’t kind of shocking news for those whose following the controversial career from this Lebanese sexy singer Haifa Wehbe.

Haifa Wehbe was allegedly has changing so drastically for the beauty transformation because public has been following her career since she is runner up for the Miss Lebanon. Some processes of plastic surgery has been accused to her like nose job, eyelid surgery, lip augmentation, chin implant, mini facelift, breast augmentation and filler injection. her nose actually has been sharp naturally now looks more sharper and slimmer that was combined with double eyelid surgery that make her eyes looks like more European eyes.

People also said to enhance her sexy image, it could be Haifa Wehbe has undergone breast augmentation to increase her breast size so that she looks sexier and well curved. Her face that previously bit round now more oval indicated that she has been added her chin size trough chin implant. Haifa Wehbe’s lip also looks sexier and hotter with juicy and nutritious looks, so people believed that she has undergone lip enhancement here.

The filler and dermal injection also make her cheek lifted and help her face more flawless and toned looks like porcelain, but in other hand she looks unnatural and fake.

Haifa Wehbe, sexy Lebanese singer was neither agree nor denies the rumor of plastic surgery. But people also said that it could be Haifa Wehbe has obsession to be look like Megan Fox or Pamela Anderson.

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