Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Before and After

Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Before and After

Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Before After

Howard Stern maybe the only make celebrity that admit he got some procedures of plastic surgery to preserve young and ageless. For some reasons although that plastic surgery has changing Hoard Stern face, but its not as bad as any other male celebrity.

Well I won’t say that this man face is much better than any other celebrity who do the same thing with plastic surgery. But at least Howard Stern face not too botched although it still looks so odd and weird. Howard Stern whose¬† describes himself as the King of All Media for his ventures outside radio seems more lucky than any other male celebrity who botched their face.

We may say that Howard Stern used too quite good looking moreover with his wealthy that will make many woman down on knees on him. But Howard Stern is not young anymore, this man has turn at 59 years old. And like any other Hollywood celebrity that fear of aging, Howard Stern seems choose plastic surgery as the ay out from his aging problem.

It was reported that Howard Stern has already done some procedures of plastic surgery such as liposuction, nose job and probably definitely facelift. To abolish excess fat that usually appear on men in Howard Stern age he took liposuction and make his body back to ideal again. Howard Stern nose also looks unnatural and bit swollen. The nasal is refined but disproportionate as a result from plastic surgery for the rhinoplasty.

Previously when he is still young, Howard Stern has piggy nose that already changing into bit sharper and thinner looks now. Howard Stern also accused got repeatedly facelift to abolish wrinkle from his face. Its true that now his face looks toned and flawless, but in other hand it looks frozen, stiffed and could be cracked anytime.

Overall, we can say that Howard Stern face is really changing due plastic surgery although not as worst as any other celebrities. Yet so many people still regretted his decision of plastic surgery to stay ageless. What do you think about Howard Stern plastic surgery? Do you agree that this procedure already botched his face? Share your opinion about Howard Stern plastic surgery by leaving your comments in the box bellow.

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