Hyoyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Rumors

Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery Hyoyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Rumors

South Korean entertainment world was never be separated from cosmetic procedural gossip, and again another Korean girl pop member Hyoyeon SNSD was buffeted by rumors plastic surgery. Personally I think the rumor that buffeted Hyoyeon SNSD committed plastic surgery aren’t shocking news anymore. No matter how hard the gossip was buffeted her, Hyoyeon SNSD will remain silent and neither agreed it or denied it. it because S.M. Entertainment a Korean record label and talent agency, place where Hyo Yeon was ruled by, strictly prohibits the artist’s response to the gossip including the plastic surgery. Once again we know that South Korean is a country with very highly rank of plastic surgery that why even the idol possibly do the same thing. People had been predict that someday even Hyoyeon SNSD will be buffeted by rumors plastic surgery. So when recently the gossip plastic surgery was floating around her, although will triggering pros and cons among the fans, the gossip was not a shocking news anymore.

Kim Hyo-yeon or public better known her as Hyo Yeon SNSD is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, and model that gain her popularity when joining with So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) or Girls Generation. Hyoyeon was born in Incheon, South Korea on September 22, 1989. Before joining with SNSD or Girls Generation, Hyo Yeon with her dancing talent becoming one of BoA’s silhouette dancer. Seeing her talent on singing and dancing, at 2007 S.M. Entertainment recruited her to join the Korean girl group Girls’ Generation or SNSD.

Hyoyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Nose Job Hyoyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Rumors

Hyoyeon Nose Job Rumor

Actually the rumor about the member of SNSD that committed plastic surgery becoming public acknowledge. But S.M. Entertainment was so strict with their actress, they also stated that there are no one S.M. Entertainment artist that committed plastic surgery. The member of SNSD has beautiful like they are, nothing plastic surgery, they gain their popularity trough their natural beauty, curved body, melodious voice and the ability to dance well. But they seems forgets that public was more aware and smarter about noticing the changes appearance on the SNSD member. After Jessica, Tiffany, and Yoona were buffeted rumor plastic surgery, right now Hyoyeon also accused doing cosmetically procedural on her face. Public noticing her changing appearance when she was being a host for MBC “Music Core” on the 7th 2012, people said that her nose was changing.

Hyoyeon was accused doing nose job or rhinoplasthy to make her nose looks like this. Her recent nose looks thinner and its bridge looks much higher than before. The tip of Hyoyeon’s nose looks more sharper and pointed make the indication of plastic surgery for nose job fixed was so strong here. The changing on he face creating pros and cons among SNSD fans. Some of them said she more prettier, but in other side some fans also asked her to stop it now. She is prettier used to, so Hyoyeon didn’t need plastic surgery to enhance her beauty.

When this news confirmed to Hyoyeon about the buffeted rumors  plastic surgery, S.M. Entertainment spokesman said she didn’t. Hyoyeon just loosing her weight bit and having, and S.M. Entertainment having very professional and great make up actress so Hyoyeon nose only touched with bit make up here.

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