Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Transformation Pictures

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Transformation Pictures

Lil Kim 1994

Its kind of very a long time rumor and speculation that American actress and rapper Lil Kim is likely addicted to plastic surgery and so difficult to stop it. the woman who was well known with her hits like “No Time”, “Not Tonight (Ladies Night remix)”, and “Crush on You” has been make her fans shocked with her recent appearance and about her facial looks.

Lil Kim who was born July 11, 1974 in the Bedford-Stuyvesant not only well known with her controversial lyric and provocative action stage, she is also has her own style that bit eccentric and whimsical. That why when first time people noticed that her face more and more weird caused plastic surgery, honestly it want kind of shocking news anymore.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery 2 Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Transformation Pictures

Lil Kim 1997

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery 3

Lil Kim 2000

Lil Kim is controversial and sensational, and her appearance always creating big fuss in everywhere. but people also admitted that actually Lil Kim having kind of pretty face with cute looks that why she has enough courage to opening her beauty salon named “Salon Se Swa”. But now you should admit that it will very difficult for now on to find Lil Kim previous cute face.

She is bit weird and odds now, make people believed that this American actress and rapper Lil Kim was addicted to plastic surgery and trapped on it.

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Lil Kim 2001

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Lil Kim 2003

Firstly people noticed that Lil Kim has undergone  plastic surgery for the nose job fixed trough rhinoplasty to make her big nose look more well refined. Previously Lil Kim having kind of big nose as the descant of African American gene son her DNA. It seems that Lil Kim fell insecure and worried about it. Then we can noticed that her nose was changing recently.

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Lil Kim 2004

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Lil Kim 2007

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Lil Kim 2008

The nostril and the bridge looks more lowering now and pointed on the tip. The nose shape itself look too tiny and slimmer, make her face looks disproportionate and strange. Its likely not enough for Lil Kim and look like she was addicted to plastic surgery because the surgeon was reported that she could be also coupled her nose job with lip augmentation, cheek implant and dermal injection. Her lip looks thinner but nutritious on the lower and some reason creating joker smile there.

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Lil Kim 2009

Lil Kim After Plastic Surgery

Lil Kim 2012

Her cheek looks pulled indicated that she has filler injected there that was combined with botox to make her forehead less wrinkled. Lil Kim seems never enough of it and it could e she has undergone plastic surgery over and over again, make her face looks so shocking and bit horrible so forcefully there is a rumor that she has addicted to plastic surgery.

I love to said that Lil Kim previously is so wonderful and pretty no matter how controversial and sensational she is. But now I was bit regretted her decision to plastic surgery that make her seems addicted to it and trapped there. Poor you Lil Kim, I hope someday you will find much better plastic surgeon to make you looks even better.

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