Natalie Portman Plastic Surgery Before and After

natalie portman nose jpb Natalie Portman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Natalie Portman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Perhaps it has become common knowledge of any famous person especially actress about the involvement of plastic surgery. One of artists who might get plastic surgery is Natalie Portman, a movie star born in June 9, 1981, who getting more famous after starring in Star Wars prequel trilogy. Although there is no confirmation from her related to plastic surgery involvement, many people especially fans have conducted inspection to her pictures of before and after. Such effort is to notice whether there is any plastic surgery applications to her body especially face. At the first glance if you compare before and after pictures, you may notice about the change of her nose such which looks trimmed and thinned.

For those who have never conducted inspection before related in comparing before and after pictures of Natalie Portman indeed may gain troubles in differentiating the change. The nose job seems excellent actually. The significant different may occur if you compare her teen pictures with recent pictures. There will be significant different in the area below her nose and above her lips.

For those who expect to see her in action again, you should wait the sequel of Marvel movie, “Thor: The Dark World” where Natalie Portman will once again becoming Jane Foster, the love interest of Marvel superhero, Thor.

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