Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Patti Stanger Breast Reduction Before After

Not many celebs are open for their plastic surgeries procedures, however in some cases the result of plastic surgery can be identified clearly. Patti Stanger directly and indirectly has admitted that she has under the knife. The presenter of reality television show, Millionaire Matchmaker, appears with different appearance. Public judge it as Patti Stanger is like a stranger because she isn’t almost known.

This 51 year old woman is easily known did eyelids jobs, Botox injections, breast reduction and maybe veneers. Dr. Gary Motykie, a plastic surgeon and her relative in reality TV says that Patti did breast reduction in 2008. It reduced the size from 36DD to 34C. After that, she also had eyelid job to fix her droopy eyelid. She also fully admits that she used Botox in some parts of her face, it is a particular things that make her look so different.

Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery Pics Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Patti Stanger Botox Before After

In another chance, she also explains to Andy Cohen that he really wanted to have face lift but she was disappointed because her doctor didn’t want to give it.

So, what is Patti Stanger motivation to do it?

It is all about dating. Everyone knows that she had just ended seven years relationship in 2010 therefore she needs something to be more confident and started a new and more passion relationship. She decided to have a losing overweight program seriously and says, “It is not easy to date when you’re big and tough.” It is look like she is so serious in the programs and she was success on it. Her appearance in public showed her slim figure.

Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery Before After

Patti Stanger Weight Lost Before After

More than admitting, she is also proud of what she did. Patti says that everyone in celebs world has plastic surgery therefore she is proud of it. What a heck argument by judging everyone has and did it proudly. Moreover, those words come from a middle-aged single woman. I think she was fully interesting when her first appearance in Millionaire Matchmaker. She gave a nice first impression to public about a fabulous late 40 year old woman who told about plenty tips about successful dating advice.

And then, unfortunately she was separated from her long last boyfriend. When she started not proud of herself and did some plastic surgeries I wonder why she is still there and presenting the show. What can be hoped from a broken hearted, single 50 years old woman who applied too much plastic surgery? Can you give me some reasons?

Patti’s appearance in October made the world surprised with her slim body, but honestly I’m fed up with those bikini and transparent cloth. I don’t know why Guria Swimwear needed to pay Patti for those stuffs.

However I should admit that her effort on throwing junk food and doing strict exercises must be appreciated. It is so difficult to lose weight and throw those many kilograms, I think.

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