Sela Ward Plastic Surgery – Botox, Nose Job

Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Sela Ward Plastic Surgery   Botox, Nose Job

Sela Ward 56 Years Old

Although said she is afraid going under the knife, American movie and television actress Sela Ward more than happy to admit that she loves botox and probably light nose job too. Like any other Hollywood actress, Sela Ward also understand that being old is a fate that quite impossible to be avoid for.

But Sela Ward also believed that she will be find ways to minimize the aging effect that started to make her beauty fading. Those ways is undergone the plastic surgery and using botox to preserve her youthfulness and also enhance her beauty.

Openly Sela Ward revealed her secret beauty and her fountain of youth by saying she loves botox and probably light nose job too (although she never clearly admit it). And as the result, well inevitably we must admit that Sela Ward really got a lot of benefit from her botox procedure.

In her 56 years old, Sela Ward looks like woman in early 40 with smooth and flawless face especially on her forehead that quite lifted that make her looks even younger. Her face also looks so toned and young indicated that the botox was work perfectly there.

It also admitted by Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer that says Sela Ward looks so fantastic in her 56 years old with the benefit of botox trough the plastic surgery.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer also added that Sela Ward is could be got light nose job just to smoothed and refine her nose bridge although till now she never clearly admit it.

So what do you think about Sela Ward appearance that she openly said get it from plastic surgery botox and nose job? She looks fantastic isn’t it? But well personally¬† i thought Sela Ward is quite wise to applied botox and nose job as her youthful fountain.

Well you can write your opinion about Sela Ward that openly admitted she got plastic surgery procedure.

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